We strive to achieve

added value

to prepare your events

We strive to achieve

added value

for preparing your event


We are a professional working system established in 1998, operating according to the latest developments in the field of managing, organizing, and servicing events and conferences in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf. Through this, we aspire to lead in this field by providing the highest capabilities in integrated services and comprehensive solutions. We aim to attract the best national and foreign talent, trained and specialized in the industry of event management and preparation, to achieve progress and reach the desired quality and satisfaction of our esteemed clients. The quality of services provided reflects our accumulated experience, constant aspiration, and continuous commitment to delivering the highest levels of quality, speed of execution, and direct supervision of what we offer to our successful partners.

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Grandstands for the audience - VIP grandstands and platforms.

Rkaaiez has been distinguished since its inception in the field of event preparation and service by providing various types of mobile grandstands for the audience. These grandstands are designed with the highest standards of quality, durability, and engineered distribution for high loads. They also feature smooth and comfortable chairs specifically designed for the grandstands, accumulating our experience in this field. These grandstands are designed to operate safely in the toughest terrains. We have developed these grandstands according to the needs of our valued customers to produce VIP grandstands. You can place royal and hotel chairs and carpet them with a carpet of your choice. These grandstands consist of levels to place chairs and sofas of various types and for each group. The ascent and descent stairs can be distributed as needed.

Our experience over 18 years in executing all festivals and events.

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European tents - Sail tents - Traditional Arabic tents

Rkaaiez strives to provide the best and most elegant types of European tents manufactured from special aluminum frames resistant to wind, heat, moisture, and featuring an outer covering made of PVC blackout material resistant to heat, fire, rain, and providing insulation for visibility. Decorations and Eastern curtains are made from satin in various colors, along with providing air conditioning for the entire tent spaces and interior lighting. These tents are used as halls and lounges for all occasions, characterized by the absence of columns in the middle. We also provide all sizes of sail tents and traditional Arabic tents of Saudi quality, complete with all their accessories. We distinguish ourselves by providing continuous maintenance and cleanliness for all these tents, in addition to providing all safety requirements such as fire extinguishers, emergency exits, and more.

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Theaters with different sizes and designs.

Among the many services offered by Rkaaiez, mobile theaters are considered the main focal point for all events, festivals, and celebrations. Therefore, Rkaaiez pays attention to this aspect by providing attractive theaters with distinctive designs that reflect the essence of the event or occasion they will host. We harness the arts and lighting capabilities of our trained national and foreign experts to bring out these designs in their most splendid form. The theater decorations are designed in our own workshops, utilizing various materials such as wood, gypsum board, and others. In addition, we use the latest technology in sound systems and high-quality LED screens to complement the setup of these theaters.

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Design and implementation of custom exhibitions and aluminum exhibitions (Octanorm).

We have been diligently focused on the continuous development of our services in the field of preparing partition systems and dividers specifically for exhibitions. This includes various sectors such as aluminum (German Octanorm) in its different forms, as well as exhibitions for companies, universities, government departments, commercial exhibitions in malls, and others. We offer distinctive designs that utilize various manufacturing sectors such as wood, cladding, stainless steel, and others. Our exhibitions are characterized by the quality and precision of industry standards in our workshops, which are equipped with the latest equipment and trained staff to provide you with the most beautiful decorative touches that showcase your exhibitions in their finest form.

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Design and implementation of decorations for theaters and halls.

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Smart lighting systems, advanced sound systems, tables, chairs of all types, display screens, etc.

Rkaaiez provides comprehensive logistical support for event and party venues, supplying everything you need, including royal and hotel chairs, plastic chairs, carpets, air conditioning units, power generators, outdoor lighting columns, popular lounges and cafes, inflatable games, flower arrangements, hotel barriers, display screens with stands, portable toilets and offices, store opening materials such as lasers, aerial dancers, lighting fixtures, balloons, and more. We ensure that your event is equipped with state-of-the-art smart lighting systems, advanced sound systems, tables, chairs of all types, and display screens, among others.

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Working on attracting international circus teams and local, Arab, and Gulf events.

Rkaaiez has worked for many years to build strategic relationships with numerous international event agencies and schools to offer the best and most up-to-date programs and events in the international entertainment market. This includes presenting classic circus shows and attracting them from various distinguished countries in this field such as Russia, Ukraine, Canada, China, Africa, and others, as well as laser shows, lighting, and more. Additionally, with our accumulated experience in opera and opening ceremonies at the highest levels, we attract the strongest and most prominent local, Gulf, and Arab theatrical productions, as well as religious chanting festivals and their management. Rkaaiez is also pleased to serve you in the complete organization of conferences, scientific meetings, and literary gatherings.

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Rkaaiez specializes in managing and preparing all aspects related to real estate auctions and conferences.

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The theater decorations are considered one of the most prominent features that reflect the beauty and grandeur of events that will be held in general. They are vital indicators that showcase the strength of the occasion. Therefore, Rkaaiez strives to provide 3D design services before starting the implementation of theater works. We pay attention to the finest details in the design and decoration plan, such as utilizing available spaces, choosing paint colors, flooring options, as well as distributing lighting, sound systems, terraces, and more. This ensures that you are fully informed in advance about all agreed-upon works.

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